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New Year and welcome! (I’m late, I know.)

February 18th, 2015

Welcome all! This post is long overdue but what matters is it’s here now for your reading pleasure(?). It’s 2015 and we plan on making it our best year yet, after the mediocre, sometimes borderline-disasterously awkward meetings of 2014. As most of you may know, we’ll be having a scavenger hunt, aptly-titled Amazing Race(after the show). Of course, it probably won’t be as epic as the show but we’ll try to make it fun and exciting! This year we’ve divided you lot into groups inspired by the five armies from The Hobbit—Dwarves,Elves,Humans,Hobbits(technically they weren’t faction but….oh well) and Orcs(I know some of you weren’t happy being thrown into Orcs but it we didn’t have a choice since we had to be fair), instead of the four houses from Harry Potter(Honestly speaking, I’ve never read Harry Potter. Cue the gasps.).

As I’ve said before, we’ll try our very best to make the remaining meetings of 2015 as fun as possible(and hopefully not make false promises) so do try to have fun and mingle around with the other members. As emphasized in the first meeting, no one here’s going to judge you so why not mingle and make some new friends, whether it’s someone two years your senior, or someone younger and more fresh-faced than you are. Break the barrier between senior and junior, the invisible wall between member and committee member. We’re family, not enemies or competitors. Get to know one another, at least know each other’s name. Please don’t build a wall around yourself or stick to your respective cliques(PCGHS culture). Let’s break the penghawa stereotype! Gone with the aloofness and in with the friendliness. (Excuse the cheesy inspirational words. I’m trying my best to be motivational. )

Being a shy person myself, I understand why a lot of you are reluctant to speak to one another (other than your friends). I really don’t want to force you to speak up or coax you to the brink of tears (Hasn’t happened yet,but I really hope it’ll stay that way), but sometimes, doing something out of your comfort zone can be great. I’m not asking you to speak confidently and openly in front of others right away but what I really want is for you to at least try talking to someone you haven’t met before, at least one person. Improving yourself takes time but why not start now? Best begin early before you graduate and are ejected from the security of school into the uncertainty of society.

Really sorry for the wall of text but things needed to be said. To those who actually check this blog, I hope that you understand what I’m trying to say and to those who don’t and will probably not know of this post’s existence, we’ve told you all in the first meeting and hope you all will understand where we’re coming from and what we hope to achieve by the last meeting.

Thank you for taking your time to read this -unnecessarily long- post and I hope that you’ll have a great Chinese New Year.


-ELS Morning Session (To quote the twitter bio of an actor of a certain iron-clad genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist : “You know who I am.”)

Meeting Dates (Morning Session 2015)

February 17th, 2015

Hi all, here are the meeting dates for the year. Any changes made will be announced both here and on our notice board.













Committee List (Morning Session 2015)

February 17th, 2015

Teacher Advisor : Mdm. Phung Kit Mei

President : Cheah Mi Chelle (S5A)
Vice President : Teh Rouyi (S5E)
Secretary : Rachel Leong Ching Ping (P5C)
Assistant Secretary : Amely Ang Zhi Xin (K3J)
Treasurer : Chiew Yuen Mae (S5B)
Assistant Treasurer : Lee Ann Jee (P4A)
Ketua Projek Hijau : Yeo Wei Lin (P5C)

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